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Wil Wheaton Style

Apr. 11th, 2006 | 05:16 pm

I find my self to be very obsessive compulsive in a lot of things I do. I am not medically diagnosis or anything like; I just tend to stress, obsess, or just plain worry about things in my life. I can control it when I want but sometimes I let it run and it drives me crazy. For example some things I obsess about, my grades, I know everybody does but I stress after I take the test and try to remember every question and then convince myself I did them wrong. Or in sport before the game I worry about what all I can do wrong but once the game starts I am fine. Or with some kind of sickness, I stress that it the worst thing possible and I convince myself I have a disease. Kind of like a hypochondriac. The weird thing is, is that I will obsess for about a day and after I go to sleep I am fine with it the next day, it is weird. All do all this stuff when my life is not busy; When my life is busy I do not have time to be obsessive. It is really not that big of a deal to me because it's a part of who I am. I was just sharing some information wondering if anybody stress or obsesses like I do sometimes?

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Random Venting

Apr. 8th, 2006 | 02:50 pm

Man, I have not written in my personal blog in a long time. That’s good though because it gives a lot of stuff to talk about.

First let me talk about my Chemistry test on Thursday. I either complexly failed it or got an A. I am pissed though because I study like crazy and none of the question on the test was like only thing in our notes are test book. I am so mad because I could sit there and explain in words why things happen but the question on the test was unfair and ridiculous. I really do not want to get started on how I feel because I will probably get in trouble.

On Friday I had my first day of volunteering at the hospital in the trauma center. It was awesome. I have never learned so much in once day and I got to help out with a lot of things I did not think I was going to be able to help with. I am so excited because this is exactly what I need if I am going to try to be a doctor.

Another thing I am disappointed about is that I played in 4on 4 flag football tourney today and lost the first game so we were out. I am mad because we were a lot better than the team we played and that one of our teammates stood us up. We called our teammate to get out of bed and he said he was coming and never showed up. I think that is messed up. I had such high expectation for this tournament and we ended up losing the first game.

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Odeo did not work for me

Mar. 27th, 2006 | 08:59 am

I am kind of mad this morning. I got to class and looked up my podcast from Odeo only to find that none of my four podcast I sent was posted on the internet. I made some really good ones too. I followed all the directions on the phone even to when it says press one to post podcast. Now I have to write this journal entry. Anyways I will stop complaining and tell you about my spring break. it was really fun but way too short. A lot of sun, and way too much food. I really need to work out because I took a week off and all I did was eat. Florida was nice, it was as hot as I would like but still good. We left right before it got cold. Then I went to see my parents and help them move into there house. I got to stay in the house the last night so that was cool. I got no homework done over the break so I feel really behind but oh well I needed the break. But the good thing is, is that we onlt have like 5 weeks left in school. The bad thing all the teaches began to cram all the work in the shorts time period possible.

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Mar. 13th, 2006 | 06:42 pm

It is kind of sad really, but in college I really do not get out as much as I use to. In high school I lived outside, maybe because I played sports. The only time I was inside was for school and when I went to sleep. Now in college I am not playing sports so going outside is rare. Partly because class takes up all my time and that I like to sleep during my breaks. Recently though the weather as been amazing and I think everybody as been taking advantage of it. This assignment probably came at the best time possible because it reasonable warm. As for myself I have also taken advantage of the outdoors. For the past couple of days I have been going out to the intramural field to throw the football. It is one of my favorite things to do, along with throwing the baseball. Just the feeling of the air and the smell of the grass or artificial grass, makes all my memories of football come back. It is really a good feeling. Another great outdoor activity is going to watch the baseball team. I could watch baseball all day. There is something about the field, smell of the concession stand, and warm weather that make me happy. It almost spring break and I am going to the beach and I do not even need to explain the feeling the beach gives everybody. I guess what I am trying to say is I need to take full advantage of the outdoors,

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Stress Free

Mar. 11th, 2006 | 02:08 pm

I might be the happiest and stress free college kid at least for the next two weeks (until I get my tests back, now that is a different story). I mentioned last week that I had some killer test this past week. Well I survived and now I have nothing due until after spring break. That is I am hoping Ms. D does not give us any work (hint, hint). Basically this is going to be the best week ever and then next week is spring break, it could not get any better right now. Wait it can it is like 75 degrees outside, and I can only imagine how hot is going to be in Florida. I hope this weather stays this way for a while. I am also going home to see my parents over spring break too. When I get back from Florida I am flying out of Nashville the next day to go see my parents, so I am getting best of both worlds. But there is one draw back to that, my parents are moving into to their house so I have to help them move. Oh well you do what you got to do sometimes. On a different now how did Tennessee lose yesterday, we have not been playing good at all lately. I just hope we get it together before the tournament, I think we will. Hope everybody has a good weekend.

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(no subject)

Mar. 5th, 2006 | 09:25 pm

I think I posted an entry this week already but it does not hurt to post another one. This week was pretty bad except for Sunday. Sunday was my birthday so it couldn’t be bad. But Friday and Saturday sucked. I was stuck study fro three test I have this week. I felt like I couldn’t go out because I needed to study. Nerdy I know but that’s how I am. I told my self after this week it home free until spring break. Sunday was a different story though. My girlfriend surprised me and took me to the aquarium in Gatlinburg. Sound boring but let me tell you it was one of the most fun I have had in a while. I recommend everybody take a day and go up there, I grantee you will not be disappointed. Anyways we also went to the outlet stores and you know how that goes a lot of money being spent. Overall it was a very fun and successful day. Also I know this is random but at the aquarium they have a military discount that takes about 75 percent off the price. For one adult regular it is like 18 dollars with a military discount it is 6 dollars, so if your parents or you are in the military I would for sure take advantage of that deal.

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I hate school and weird dreams

Feb. 28th, 2006 | 07:42 pm

First let me start off by saying what a beautiful day it was today. It was t-shirt and short weather. I hope it stay like this for now on but I heard it's going to be a cold and snowy.

As you can tell from the title "I hate school" I will began by venting my anger at the system we call "school". It is my birthday this weekend and I figured I would go out all weekend and have fun. That is until school came into play. It just so happen that the week after my birthday weekend I have three test. So that killed all plans of going on. I might as well stay in my room like a hermit and celebrate with a good dose of chemistry. I will probably end up going out but it's the priciple of it.

Now for my weird dream. If anybody has any idea what they mean let me know. The past two night I have had the weirdest dream. The first night for some reason me and Jay-z were best friends. He loaned we this huge house on a hill for the weekend. So I did what anybody would do threw a party. The party went good and I spent the next day cleaning up. Then I decide to have a bigger party that night but it got busted by the F.B.I. Then I woke up. Okay not that weird but this next one. I was some kind of rock star in like the 50's or something. I was at some concert wear I was performing with a bunch of other stars. Backstage I ran into elvis presley. After I met him the concert people canceledd my performance and I was pretty bumped. But the Elvis came over and offered me to smoke weed with if. So I did. That's weird because I never smoke weed. After we smoked I was feeling good and I looked in the mirror and my front tooth started to fall out. I started freaking out and woke up. I checked my tooth once I woke up because it seemed so real. Anyways I thought I would tell about them. I hope I have one tonight but not so weird.

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Feb. 18th, 2006 | 09:46 am

O My God is that snow on the ground. It finally stuck to the ground, but just a little bit. I wish it would snow alot Sunday night so we do not have school. But that will nott happen because I heard UT never lets out for snow. All I know was at my High school if snow even dust the ground we got out and that was awesome.

But anyways enough about the snow people go crazy enough when there is talk about snow. I haven't posted in a while because I have been so busy with school. The past two week have been nuts. But I am keeping my eye on the prize spring break. I figure I will work has hard as I can for the next few weeks and then the best holiday ever created. Now I am not like whooo spring break lets get drunk and naked. I just need that long week off from school. Do not get me wrong there will be some of that craziness going on but I will keep it to a minimum. I am kind of torn between to things on spring break. I am going to Florida but I also want to see my parents becaue they live in Michigan. I have not seen since the winter break and if I do not go during spring break I won't see them until the summer. I am not really home sick I just want to see my dog and parents, everybody can admit to that. Well I am rambling so I hope everybody has a good weekend.

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Chem test

Feb. 10th, 2006 | 07:32 am

I just got done taking a chemistry 130 test last night. I really don’t know how I did. I think I did well, but on the other hand you never know with chemistry. I am just really upset though about some of the questions on our test. First off the teacher lied and tolds that certain parts were not going to be on and they were. So of course I took his word and didn’t study those parts. And second, TA’s are suppose to be helpful not mean.

The teacher sat in class and told only go up to a certain page number and what does he do he makes a whole back page full of question past that page. Then the first question of the test was something we were not supposes to learn. The syllabus says chapters 12.1-12.7 and this question was on 12.9. I do not understand this but I am sure he received some e-mails over this.

Then during the test I call a TA over for a question. I explain to him everything I know and ask him what the question is asking for because it is worded funny. Of course he says I can’t help with that. I was so pissed doesn’t he realize that he was in the same position a couple of year ago. All I wanted to is what it was asking for. Then I look around and see other TA’s sitting down and helping students, bad luck I guess.

I guess the point is that it’s over with and there’s nothing I can do about. I just needed to complain to somebody. It’s not going to kill but make me stronger. I just learned for next time

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(no subject)

Feb. 7th, 2006 | 08:12 pm

This story takes place during my junior year of high school. It started out as a normal high school weekend, me and five of me friend sitting around a David’s house. I knew David from football who was a senior when I was a freshman, but despite the age difference we became good friends.
As we all sat in David’s basement everybody tossed around ideas on what to do. David said we should go something to eat, Jarrod mentioned watching a movie, Russell wanted to Nashville, but no one could decide on any thing. You know how it is when everybody is sitting around to lazy to get up and do anything. Just as the boringness reach a maximize level, the mischievous mind of teenage boys kicked in. Suggestion of egging people house, and knocking and running crossed are mind. As we all rolled these ideas in are head for a while
David comes running out of his laundry room and say, “You guys have to check this out.” All of us piled into his laundry room and found a box from Sams club of 100 rolls of toilet paper. David’s mom was a manger at Sams club so boxes of food, and stuff were all over the house.
Jarrod turns and looks at everybody and implies, “you thinking what am thinking.” We all nodded are heads in unison.So we ran out side and threw the box of TP into the back of David’s truck. Jarrod hops up front with David who was driving, and me, Russell, and Wesley hoped in the bed of the truck. I open the window into the truck from the back and the discussion on whose house to TP began.
“Who do you want to get really bad?” I asked.
Russell replied I hate my math teacher.”
Jarrod said “let’s get coach Crass (our baseball coach).”
“No I got it. This girl (I won’t mention because she goes to UT) who rejected me back in the days,” David snickered
We all agreed and off to the house we went.
I had never went toilet papering people house with this crowd before so I did not know how they planed out their escape routes and where the car would be parked. So we arrive at her place and see that the living room lights were on. This was probably the first sign we should have taken into account before we rolled the house. Anyways we all jumped out of the truck except for David who was driving.
We began to roll the house and we get about the third roll we see the door open and a man yell, “hey your caught am calling the cops.”
We all scattered and as I am running I hear, “Call the cops” from Jarrod running in the opposite direction from me. I was running on pure adrenaline and instinct so I did not think twice about where I was running, I was just running. About a minute into my run I look around and there is nobody behind me, so I slowed down and hid under a tree and got rid of the toilet paper evidence.
I thought to myself. “Where did they, did they all go the same way, how am I going to find the”. Of course I left my cell phone at David’s so I had no contact. Well I decide to go back to David’s house because they would probably be there, so I began walking. The problem is that David’s house is about 3 miles away. I start running to make up so time, but with my luck it started to rain. I crossed a huge filed, a couple of back yard and I finally reach the main street. If you could imagine I was dressed in all black, running down the side of the road while it was raining. As I reach about the one mile mark I see a truck coming down the road that looks like David’s truck. The truck came close and it pulled over, it was David. I hopped in the truck while it was still moving and David sped off. About an hour had past since we first started rolling the house. You can imagine the hell I caught from all of them. They said they looked through the entire neighborhood we were in. The dubbed the nickname “runaway” to me. Despite the problems, we ended up rolling more houses and had a record number of house rolled, a total about 24 houses.

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